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Peugeot 208 Black Edition | £189
Q1 3008 Active 1.2 (130) | PPL
Q2 Peugeot 108 active | PPL
Q1 3008 Active 1.6 (100) | passport
208 Active 1.2 (68) 3dr | Passport
Peugeot 108 Active 1.3 3dr JAF
208 Active 1.2 (68) 5dr | Passport
208 active 1.2 3dr | Passport
Q1 3008 GT Line 1.6 (120) | passport
Q2 2008 SUV 1.2 (82) Active | PPL
Q2 2008 SUV 1.6 (75) Active | passport
Q2 2008 SUV 1.2 (82) Active | passport
Q1 17 108 Active 3dr | Passport
208 Active 1.2 (82) 5dr | Passport
Q1 3008 Allure 1.2 (130) | passport
Q1 3008 Allure 1.6 (120) | passport
Q1 3008 GT Line 1.2 (130) | passport
Q1 108 active 5dr | Passport
208 Allure (82) 3dr | Passport
Q2 2008 SUV 1.6 (100) Allure | passport
Q2 2008 SUV 1.2 (82) Allure | passport
Peugeot 308 Active 1.2 PT (110) | Passport
Q1 108 Allure 3dr | Passport
Q1 3008 Active 1.2 (130) | passport
Peugeot 308 Active 1.2 PT (110) | PPL
Peugeot 308 Allure 1.2 PT (110)
Q1 108 Allure 1.2 5dr | Passport
208 Allure (82) 5dr | Passport
Q1 108 GT Line | PPL
Q1 108 GT Line | Passport

All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV- A Big Hit Among Drivers

All-New Peugeot 3008 SUV- A Big Hit Among Drivers

Itís safe to say that the new Peugeot 3008 SUV is already a huge hit with motorists all across the UK. Having only been on the roads a short time it has already scooped up a number of awards. We take you through the titles the new Peugeot 3008 SUV has won and why we think you should buy one!

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Established as a Peugeot dealer group for over 30 years, today Richard Hardie are proud to provide the North East with Peugeot. From our locations in Durham and Ashington, we offer the full range of brand new Peugeot cars, as well as nearly new Peugeot, delivery mileage Peugeot and impeccably maintained used Peugeot. With the urban-born Peugeot 108, the refined & sporty Peugeot 208, the cutting-edge Peugeot 2008 SUV and many more advanced and stylish models, Richard Hardie have a Peugeot to suit you!

Our skilled Peugeot-trained mechanics offer expert Peugeot servicing and maintenance and genuine part replacements, allowing you to prolong the enticing and enjoyable drive you’ve come to expect from your Peugeot for years to come.

Dedicated Customer Care: Service with a Smile

Our ethos revolves around providing the highest level of care to both our customers and their cars. That means making our sales and aftersales convenient, high-quality and always friendly – so that you drive away from the experience feeling satisfied in a Peugeot car providing exciting, safe and reliable driving for years to follow.

We also offer specialist Peugeot Motability solutions tailored to the needs of our customers, with a range of deals & packages to make worry-free motoring more affordable than ever.

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