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Winter Service Check

Get Ready for Winter

Before you set off on your journeys this winter, make sure your car is in tip top condition. Our Service Department would like to make sure you are set for the roads and we will make sure you avoid breaking down and getting stuck.

Book a Richard Hardie Winter Health Check, which includes a 119 point check including the standard items associated with any vehicle health check which includes:

Under the Bonnet
  • Engine oil level check & top up*
  • Brake fluid check & top up*
  • Coolant level & strength check & top up*
  • Screen wash level check & top up *
  • Power steering check & top up*
  • Visible wiring check
  • Visible coolant houses check
  • Battery condition and terminal security (if visible)
  • Battery test (using midtronics tester)
Vehicle Exterior
  • Glass and Windscreen
  • Front and rear lights
  • Bodywork and paint
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Front and rear tyre condition
Vehicle Underside
  • Front rear tyres(abnormal wear)
  • Tyre Pressure (including spare)
  • Brake pad and disc wear (front and rear)
  • Steering rack gaiters
  • Engine/Gearbox leaks
  • Shock Absorbers and suspension circuit (leaks)
  • Driveshafts ball ad joint gaiters
  • Brake circuit:leaks/ conditions of hoses
  • Exhaust system condition and security

 * The free top ups (engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, screen wash & power steering) will be to maximum of 500ml.

*Winter Pack only applies to Peugeot vehicles.

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For all terms and conditions on offer please speak to our service departments.


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Winter Service Check