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Air Conditioning Service | Richard Hardie

Did you know that your car's air conditioning system loses efficiency as it ages and loses up to 10% of its refrigerant every year? Did you realise that this inefficiency increases fuel consumption and you could add up to £144 each year to fuel your bill?

If not, then now is the time to book your car in for a Air Conditioning Service from Richard Hardie. Keeping on top of your air conditioning system is highly important as it keeps your car cool during the warm summer months and de-mists your car windows during the winter.


The Richard Hardie air conditioning system check and service includes:

  • Checking the integrity of the sealed pressure system
  • Evacuation and drying of the refrigerant
  • Recharging the coolant gas to manufacturers recommended weight level
  • Checking the temperature level output 

* With R134a Gas (see full T&Cs below)


An air conditioning clean effectively eliminates bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses from the air conditioning system, which can cause unpleasant odours, hay fever symptoms and other allergic reactions in your car. The Richard Hardie air conditioning clean also includes a deodoriser upholstery and carpet clean to bring back that fresh new car smell.

Now that's a breath of fresh air. Save money and protect your health.

We recommend that your air conditioning service should be every 18 months.

Book your Air Conditioning Service now!

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If your air conditioning system needs a repair (e.g leaks, failed components etc...), these will need to be fixed seperately to your air con service, therefore this will inlclude an additional charge. 

* Air Con service from £49.99 uses R134a gas. Vehicles from 2017 now require HFO-1234YF gas, which comes at an extra charge. Please speak to our Service departments for prices. 


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Air Conditioning Service | Richard Hardie