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Top Tips On De-Icing Your Car

Top Tips On De-Icing Your Car

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Don't get stressed out trying to de-ice your car, follow our top tips!

We’ve all been there, that mad rush in the morning ushering the kids out the door, coffee in one hand and kid’s belongings in the other. You shut the front door, turn round and you feel that wave of frustration at the sight of a layer of ice and/or snow covering your car. Even though you’re probably running late there are a few things you must do before you leave your driveway.

Get The Car Warm And Use The Right Tools

Before you get the scraper out switch your engine on and get the warm air flowing through your vehicle. Don’t be tempted to put your windows down or use the windscreen wipers as the electronic components can become damaged if you try to use them when frozen. Use some de-icer spray if you have some and then get your scraper out, don’t use anything like a CD case or credit card, they aren’t designed for the job any may scratch your car.

What Not To Do

There are few things you shouldn’t do when de-icing your car in the morning, here are our top tips:

• Never leave your vehicle. It may be tempting to switch on your engine and pop back inside to finish your morning coffee. But this creates a very easy opportunity for thieves. So you may find yourself without your car and your car insurance might not cover you as you have left your car with the engine running. We advise setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier than usual to give you time to de-ice your car.

• Don’t use boiling water. It may seem an appealing and quick way to clear the ice off your car but the sudden change in temperature could cause cracks in your windscreen, especially if a chip or crack is already present!

• Try to avoid using the sleeve of your jacket to clear the inside of your screen. This will create smears across your screen and will obstruct your view of the road, especially once it’s dark and the headlights of oncoming cars pass you. If you need to wipe the inside of your screen use a microfibre cloth, this will absorb the water rather then move it round the windscreen.

• Don’t leave before everything has cleared. As well as obstructing your view of the road it could also get you into trouble with the law. Make sure you fully clear all your windows before setting off. If it has snowed it is important to scrape as much snow as you can off the roof. Any sudden accelerating/braking may cause it to slide off the roof, impairing your own and other drivers view of the road.

Once your car is totally ice, snow & frost free you can start your journey. It may take an extra 10 minutes out of your morning but it will make for a safer and slightly less stressful journey.

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