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Top Tips: How To Pass Your Driving Test First Time

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Not sure whether you're ready for your driving test?... Here are some top tips to help you prepare so you can drive with confidence and pass first time!

If you’ve got a driving test booked within the next few weeks then it’s time to get prepared and rid of those silly mistakes that could cause you to fail your test. All drivers make errors, and even if you’re a confident learner you still need to stay alert and drive on top form if you wish to pass your test the first time. Around only 50% of learners pass their driving test first time and the majority of those fails are caused by one silly mistake or another.

Driving tests can be very nerve-racking, but if you want to pass first time then you need to be confident, alert and calm at all times, don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Be extra observant

When you approach a junction, ensure that you use your mirrors. Check your blind spots every time you set off, and look in your rear view mirror every time you’re about to turn the indicator on otherwise this can cause a minor.

Park with confidence

When approaching the parking manoeuvre attempt it with confidence, take your time and observe your blind spots and surroundings. Think carefully before you do anything drastic as failing the manoeuvre can cause a major on a driving test.

Don’t forget MSPSL

Master the MSPSL short for Mirror Signal Position Speed and Look, this is something that you need to do every time you start or come to a stop. When practising, get into the habit of doing it so you can easily remember to do it during the test.

Stay extra alert

Look out for any signs, traffic lights, zebra crossings and road markings. If you fail to recognise any of these and you make a mistake then you would instantly fail your test. Being alert and driving at a comfortable pace will give you more time to react and position yourself on the road correctly.

Remember to signal

Failing to indicate at the correct time is another major on a driving test. It’s a major because indicating is extremely important, as it allows you to tell drivers and pedestrians what your next move is, so if you don’t indicate you could potentially cause an accident. Getting into the practice of using MSPSL will help you remember when to correctly use your indicator!

We hope these tips help and good luck to those who have their driving tests booked. For the latest Fiat, Peugeot and Abarth news take a look at our news page!

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