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Top Tips For Your Practical Driving Test

Top Tips For Your Practical Driving Test

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Picture this – you’ve been learning to drive for a few months now, you’ve passed your theory test with flying colours and now you feel confident enough to take your practical driving test. However, now that the day has arrived and you’re sitting in the drivers seat, the whole experience becomes a little daunting and nerve-racking.

Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately for many of us, this kind of feeling overpowers our normal emotions. At Richard Hardie we have gathered our tops tips for making your practical driving test run as smoothly as possible!

Be Prepared
Not just physically but mentally too! Ensure that you have had a good night’s sleep and a light meal or snack prior to your practical test. You also need to be prepared for the ever-changing British weather too! If the roads are wet and slippery, remember to increase your distance from the car in front.

Know the Car
This may sound a little obvious as you will have more than likely been learning to drive in the same vehicle as your test. However simple adjustments such as changing the back of the seat so it’s straight, and adjusting the seatbelt and seat height (if your car allows this), are all key factors to successful and safe driving.

Follow Instruction
Always listen to your practical driving instructor as he/she ultimately decides whether you pass or fail your test. Although there is a little leeway if you turn right and the instructor has asked you to go left, frequent errors like this can all mount up into various minors.

Know Your Theory
In order to take your practical driving test you need to have successfully passed your theory. So put your knowledge to good use and use everything you revised for your test, and the skills you have learnt with your driving instructor. Don’t forget the simple things such as using and adjusting your mirrors accordingly and correctly completing the manoeuvres.

One of the most important factors to successfully passing your practical test is to relax! If you feel anxious on the inside, it will show on the outside and can affect your overall performance. Many driving school instructors today complete a trial driving test and score you as honestly as they can. However, if your driving school doesn’t offer this don’t be afraid to ask and also ask family members so you can adapt to different people being in the car with you.

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