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Tips For Driving Overseas This Summer

Posted on:

If you have planned a journey overseas this summer, itís time to get prepared...

If you have planned a journey overseas this summer, it’s time to get prepared for what may lay ahead on the foreign roads. Driving in countries abroad can be stressful, and it’s highly important to follow the correct mandatory requirements and get everything organised before you start the big car journey.

Here are some useful tips to help you get your car prepared and ready…

Purchase Breakdown Cover

Before the journey begins, invest in some trustworthy European breakdown cover which will apply in all the countries that you’re travelling to. Take caution by having a printed copy of the documents and leave them in the car in case an unexpected breakdown occurs.

Check the car

If you are using your own car, ensure that there are no issues with it before you leave. Check oil levels, tyre tread, inflation and other important parts to guarantee that everything works fine, as it will help minimize the risk of something happening whilst you’re away.
Top Tip: Check the car a couple of weeks before you leave, so you have plenty of time to fix any problems with the car.

Buy a GB sticker

All cars which leave the UK must have a mandatory GB sticker on the rear of the car, and if your vehicle doesn’t have one, you could potentially get pulled over by the police which isn’t worth the risk. You can purchase a sticker either online or from car accessory shops for a small price. Cars which have a number plate which incorporates a blue and yellow GB logo on the left-hand side don’t need to buy a sticker.

Learn the rules

Other countries have a variety of different driving laws which apply, for example, in Spain you’re not allowed to wear flip-flops, in Australia you’re not allowed to hang arms out of windows and in Greece you’re not allowed to smoke. Check what driving laws apply in the countries you are traveling to avoid accidently breaking the law.

Don’t forget a map

Sat Nav systems are great, however a map can be a lot more useful and accurate if you become lost in a different country. Purchase a map beforehand, and have it in the car at all times so you can quickly check directions if necessary.
Top Tip: Invest in a phrase book if you can’t speak the local language, so if you become lost you can stop and ask for directions.

Always carry your license

You must always have both your driving license and passport on you at all times when you drive abroad. Some countries will require an IDP (International Driving Permit) which is a permit that is recommended in many foreign countries, so check if you need one before you leave.
We hope these tips help! Check out our news page for the last info on Peugeot, Fiat and Abarth cars.

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