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The Electrifying Peugeot Fractal Concept Car

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The Fractal may look like something out of Sci-fi but this concept will be showcasing Peugeotís plans to develop new electrical vehicles in the near future.


The Fractal may look like something out of Sci-fi but the concept will be showcasing Peugeot’s plans to develop new electrical vehicles in the near future. The car will be displayed at the Frankfurt Motor Show starting on the 17th September and it is going to be electrifying!

Powerful looks

Some images have already been released which show the impressive futuristic design and amazing attention to detail. Don’t be fooled by the bulky looks as it is actually a lightweight structure, in fact Peugeot announced that the Fractal only weights around 1000kg.

Spaceship Interior

The spaceship look-a-like cabin has a spacious 4 seater layout with 80% of the interior trim formed through 3D printing. Peugeot explored using 3D printing on the Fractal because the amount of detail needed in the shapes and textures of the interior would be impossible to achieve using conventional methods.

Peugeot’s Fractal has the latest edition of the i-Cockpit ® infotainment system which hosts a special heads-up 12.3” digital display with customisable information options. You can use the further 7.7” touchscreen in the centre of the dashboard to toggle Fractal functions or use the touch buttons on the steering wheel.

Maxime Picat, Peugeot Brand Director stated that " The Peugeot i-Cockpit® is a distinguishing feature of our vehicles. It transforms the driving experience, making it more instinctive, and amplifies driving sensations."

Lightning fast

The drive train is powered by a 30kW/h lithium-ion battery which powers two 102hp electric motors, one on each axle, putting out a total of 204hp. The Fractal can reach 0-62 in just 6.8 seconds and Peugeot claims that on one charge the car has a range of up to 280 miles.

Inspired by sound

The inspiration for the Fractal’s design inside and out came from sound; Peugeot worked on the project in partnership with sound engineer Amon Tobin. “The Peugeot FRACTAL project explores new possibilities by further enhancing the cockpit experience through the use of sound to enrich information and enhance driving pleasure” Jérôme Micheron, Peugeot Strategy Director.

PSA Peugeot Citroën’s research unit Science Technologies Exploratory Lean Laboratory (StelLab) engineered a special 9.1.2 speaker system which combined with the anechoic surfaces in the cabin, provides a completely immersive experience.

A digitally generated ‘engine noise’ sound is created to alert other road users to the Fractal’s presence. This technology is to be implemented into all electric vehicles in the EU by 2019.

MOT Changes 2018

MOT Changes 2018

Posted on: 20th May 2018

As of 20th May 2018, the MOT test has undergone some of the most significant changes of its near 60-year history. Some of the changes include new defect categories, stricter rules for Diesel car emissions and some cars over 40-year-old will be exempt from the MOT test. The main changes which you need to know about are explained below.

Richard Hardie Durham Supporting Local Hospice

Richard Hardie Durham Supporting Local Hospice

Posted on: 19th Jan 2018

Both the Sales and Service team at Richard Hardie Durham have helped to support St Cuthbertís Hospice, a local charity offering care services to people with life limiting conditions.

Driving Test Changes In December 2017

Driving Test Changes In December 2017

Posted on: 4th Dec 2017

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) have confirmed that from today (Monday 4th December), changes to the driving test are now in effect.

Winter Driving Questions Unveiled: Part 1

Winter Driving Questions Unveiled: Part 1

Posted on: 15th Nov 2017

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