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Taking Your Car Abroad

Taking Your Car Abroad

Posted on:

Our top tips on how to prepare for your European driving holiday.

As our summer begins to come to an end there is still chance to catch some later summer sun throughout Europe. There is something quite special about taking your car abroad, you can avoid the hustle and bustle of catching a flight, and you don’t to worry about working out the public transport system. You can travel at your own pace and visit parts of Europe that you wouldn’t otherwise see. If you are planning on driving your own car abroad, whether it’s in France, Spain or Italy there are a few things you must consider before you go.

Pre-Journey Checks

Before you leave make sure you check you oil, coolant and windscreen wash levels and the condition of your tyres. Check your tyres a week or so before you leave, that way you will have enough time to replace them before you go. If you need to replace any parts before you go then you can take a look at our parts department. We stock genuine Peugeot, Fiat and Abarth parts and our team are happy to help you get your car ready for your next trip away. We can also service your car to give you peace of mind knowing it is in top condition before you go.

What To Carry In Your Car

There are certain items you legally have to carry in your car if you are driving abroad. Here are a few things you might want to consider when travelling in France and Spain and it’s well worth the time researching the specific countries you will visit:

• In France you have to carry a breathalyser with you, although there is no on the spot fines unlike other items
• In France you must also take a reflective jacket and hazard triangle in case of a breakdown
•In Spain it is compulsory to carry a spare tyre and the kit to change if should you get a flat tyre


Double check your insurance policy and make sure it covers you when driving abroad. Also check that you have proper breakdown cover, obviously we hope you will never need to use this, but it is best to be prepared!

Prepare Your Route

Read up about the country you are visiting. Have a look at some of the most common road signs and what they mean to help plan your route. Remember to take regular breaks, it may be tempting to keep driving until you get to your hotel or next destination but you should take a 15 minute break every 2 hours. Driving abroad can be more tiring as it’s a new environment and each country have different driving rules such as driving on the other side of the road; these can both cause more tiredness and stress than usual, so frequent breaks are extra important!

If you want to fit in with the locals in France, check out our range of new and used Peugeot models or if you’re travelling to Italy our range of Fiat and Abarth cars.

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