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Richard Hardie Staff Race To The Finish Line At The Great North Run 2017

Richard Hardie Staff Race To The Finish Line At The Great North Run 2017

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Last weekend (Sunday 10th September) some of our fitness fanatic staff completed the Great North Run, which is the largest half marathon in the UK with over 57,000 runners participating each year! Do you want to find out how our team got on? Read their inspiring stories below…

Emma From Silverlink

Emma our Silverlink Centre Receptionist decided to complete the Great North Run as she watches it every year and felt inspired by the atmosphere to do it, and it’s her last chance as a Miss to run as she gets married March 2018! 

From the beginning Emma knew she wanted to do it for a charity but she was unsure which one to run for. After speaking to a customer at work, she found out that he was Vice President for Saras Hope Foundation, the Foundation sends children living with cancer and their family on much needed holiday breaks. Emma raised £270 before gift aid for the charity which is an amazing amount and completed the course in 2 hours and 41 minutes!

Speaking to Emma after her half marathon and asking how she felt after crossing the line, she replied with: “I have never felt so happy to see the sea in that last half a mile, seeing the finish line, I felt I had accomplished something, and felt really proud of myself, I remember thinking oh my god I have just ran 13.1miles, I was on cloud 9.”

Emma’s advice to anyone contemplating doing it: “Put the training in, especially hills there is some mighty hills on that course!! Most of all just go for it, enjoy it, you will surprise yourself.”

Craig from Sunderland

Craig our Sunderland Centre Parts Manager competed the Great North Run for the 9th time in a row this year! It all started when he began raising money for a charity close to home and it soon turned into an addiction. From there Craig joined a local running club, Tyne Bridge Harriers, and is still part of the club today!

Once Craig passed the finish line his exact and only word was BUZZING!

Craig flew through the course with an astonishing time of 1 hour and 31 minutes, maybe next year Craig will be running alongside Mo Farah! His words of wisdom for anyone wishing to run the Great North Run next year are, “Respect the challenge, enjoy yourself and basically eat Pizza every Friday at work (there’s nothing wrong with a little carb overloading in the run-up to the event!).”

Rachael from Ashington

Rachael our Ashington Centre Administrator completed the Great North Run for a third time this year! Her partner decided he wanted to participate and wanted Rachael to train him, as she’s a keen runner and knows the course from previous years, therefore she thought why not do it again as the atmosphere is fantastic!

Rachael raised an outstanding total of £533 for Toby Henderson Trust; a local charity which supports children and their families where Autism plays a part.

Rachael crossed the finish line at 3 hours and 13 minutes which is a great time; she felt both pain and relief that she finished which made her realise that you can do anything if you put your mind to it!

Rachael’s words of advice to anyone wishing to do it next year is “DO IT!! And make sure you train. There are plenty running clubs or plans on the internet that will give you a structure to work from. And don’t stress about time etc just enjoy the atmosphere and the constant support from the crowds. If I can do it, anyone can!”

One of our Directors, Nick Hardie, who has competed in the Great North Run for a few years now, completed the course this year too!

If you participated in the Great North Run this year, share your story with us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!


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