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Richard Hardie Celebrates The Fiat 500 Turning 60 with the Fiat 500 Anniversario Limited Edition!

Richard Hardie Celebrates The Fiat 500 Turning 60 with the Fiat 500 Anniversario Limited Edition!

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The Fiat 500 is an iconic model, easily recognised across the world. Described as the World’s first city car, there have been more than six million Fiat 500 models sold worldwide since it first rolled off the production line 60 years ago.

Fiat 500 History

The story of the Fiat 500 began in 1957, when the first model rolled out of the factory in Turin. It was known as the Cinquecento, or ‘the Peoples Car’ and as such sold four million models until production stopped in 1975. The model was hugely popular and was the perfect town car that was stylish, practical but also affordable too. The first generation model was fitted with a 479 CC two-cylinder, air-cooled engine and the car measured nine feet in length. Fast forward to 2007 and the Fiat 500 made its comeback. Its unique styling was again, a huge hit with motorists and in the last 10 years a further two million models have been built and sold worldwide. The current model comes in a great range of trim levels, giving owners many customising options to make it suited to them.

Fiat 500 Limited Edition Anniversary Model

To celebrate the Fiat 500 turning 60, Fiat have released the Fiat 500 Anniversario Limited Edition which is now available at Richard Hardie! It’s available in four striking colours; Sicilian Orange, Riviera Green, Bossa Nova White & Tech House Grey! Key features in the limited edition Fiat 500 include Automatic Climate Control, Rear Parking Sensors, Cruise Control, Vintage Inspired interiors such as 500 Anniversario floor mats. The vintage feel is then carried to the exterior with 16” Vintage Alloy Wheels (alternative alloy wheels also optional for free of charge), Chrome Finished Door Mirror Covers and Chrome Trim On The Bonnet finished with the Vintage Fiat 500 Logo on the front and tailgate of the car. Prices of the Fiat 500 Anniversario start from £14,265 but hurry the Anniversario is only available for a limited time only!

Book a Fiat 500 Test Drive

We love the Fiat 500, it’s one of the unique models we have in the showroom. If you’re wondering why you should get your hands on one just check out our handy guide! You can find everything you need to know about each trim level of the Fiat 500 over on the Fiat New Cars section of our website. If you’re interested in booking a test drive just contact your nearest Richard Hardie Centre. Richard Hardie Fiat Centres are based in Sunderland, Ashington, Silverlink and Newcastle. Did you own an early version of the Fiat 500? Perhaps you owned a 1958 Fiat 500N or the slightly later model, the Fiat 500 R which was first produced in 1972. If so we would love to hear from you! Send us a picture and your story over on our Facebook page.

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