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Peugeot Joins Formula E As The Motorsport Takes The World By Storm

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Peugeot takes an exciting leap into a new form of Motorsport!

If you are a Motorsport fanatic you would have just seen Formula E’s 2015 Season Finale hosted in the narrow streets of central London. The all-electric alternative to Formula 1 has sparked a large amount interest from car manufacturers all over the world, and it’s planned to be a huge success in the future.

It has been revealed that PSA Peugeot Citroen will be teaming up with Virgin Racing, ready for the start of the next season. This initiative is to give PSA a foothold into the growing electric vehicle market with increasing public interest in the environmental benefits of electric powered cars.

Some say the sport will attract more fans than Formula 1 in the near future because of its family friendly appeal, as it’s not as loud and harsh as other Motorsports. Richard Branson, Founder of Virgin Group states “I think there’s still going to be room for Formula One for a few more years but I would say there will come a time when Formula E will overtake Formula One,”

Formula E’s plan is to reach out to the younger audiences to break the barriers of the electric car stereotype - with fast, intense racing between the top recognisable racing drivers. Along with celebrity support attending the races sparking activity on social media - even Leonardo DiCaprio is the owner of Venturi Formula E Team!

Teams in Formula E are constantly developing and elaborating the technology behind the battery efficiency, electric motor, and energy recovery system. This can ultimately create the bridge between technologies in motorsport to be implemented into everyday road cars in the future.

Alejandro Agag, Formula E CEO states that - “Technology is the most powerful tool to fight the problems we have with the pollution and the climate.” “What Formula E wants is all cars in the world to be electric. And this will happen, sooner or later, but it will happen. All cars in the world will be electric.”

Peugeot’s latest fully electric road car is the Peugeot iOn promoting zero emission transport for people living in cities. This demographic mostly does not travel more than 10 miles on average, but these trips can easily be made in the Peugeot iOn. The main issue in the electric vehicle market is the perception around electric cars - PSA’s involvement in Formula E hopes to change this for a greater and greener future.

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