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Peugeot Create the Ultimate Mobile Office

Peugeot Create the Ultimate Mobile Office

Posted on:

Peugeot have been showcasing a number of concepts this month at the Geneva Motor Show. One of the vehicles that caught our eye, was the Peugeot Traveller i-Lab. Peugeot have understood the need to be connected to everything, all of the time, and have designed this new concept vehicle around the business customer.

To an extent we can all understand the need to get work done whilst travelling, whether you’re preparing on the way to a meeting, studying whilst commuting on the train to university or simply trying to keep on top of emails whilst making it back to the office. Whether we like it or not, the need to stay connected to the internet, whilst having 100% juice in our smartphones have become the most important elements of life.

Passenger Comfort

Passengers in the back of the Traveller i-Lab have a choice of four comfortable Alcantara seats, surrounded by leather upholstery. The seats are arranged around a large Samsung 32” touch-screen tablet, which can be positioned as required. Inductive charging docks are provided around the vehicle to help passengers wirelessly charge their devices. The Traveller i-Lab comes complete with a WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth connectivity, a sound system that any 17-year old chap would be envious of and virtual reality headsets. This concept has a lot of potential to change the way meetings are conducted, even how teams collaborate and work. Forget booking a meeting room, why not hire an i-Lab?

Driver Features & Technology

The driver isn’t left without their fair share of treats. The Peugeot Traveller i-Lab features connected navigation, which displays 3D mapping and re-routes you in real-time based on traffic hazards. The connected navigation system also displays, weather information, prices of fuel and tips to help optimise the vehicle’s use and performance. To ensure the safety of the passengers on board, the i-Lab features a road sign reading device to monitor speed limits, and a driver inattention monitoring system, which monitors steering wheel angle and vehicle position to make the driver aware of any changes to their standard of driving. If the system notices you’ve been driving for two hours, or it can detect a deterioration in the quality of driving, the system will use visual and audible alerts to encourage the driver to pay better attention to their standard of driving. To bolster the safety even further, the i-Lab features the Active City Brake - automatic braking system.

This ultra-connected VIP shuttle represents the vision that Peugeot have to transform everyday life. It’s a vehicle that offers a lot of potential, more in terms changing culture and ‘norms’. At present, it’s still a concept, but we’re excited to see what progresses in this category of vehicle! 

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