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Peugeot 208: Winner Of The MPG Marathon 2015

Posted on:

A Peugeot 208 driven by Mick Linford won the 2015 MPG Marathon achieving an impressive fuel economy of 104.5mpg in real-world driving conditions!

A brand new Peugeot 208 Diesel 5-door hatchback took victory at the MPG Marathon, sponsored by Barclaycard Fuel+ in association with TMC. The car managed to achieve an amazing 104.5mpg whilst being driven in real-world driving conditions!

The Winning Car 

Peugeot’s winning car was the 208 1.6-litre BlueHDi 75 Active 5-door which has a declared Combined Drive Cycle fuel economy figure of 80.7mpg. However in the hands of Peugeot Sport UK Manager, Mick Linford and Rally navigator, Jemma Champion managed to achieve 104.5mpg (equivalent to 2.7 L/100kms) average during the two day event.

The Peugeot 208 also registered a 29 percent improvement over official EU Directive Combined Drive Cycle economy figures, coming second in the Best Percentage Improvement.

Keep your eyes peeled as a brand new more efficient Peugeot 208 is being introduced to the line-up this October. This new model will have the 1.6-litre Diesel BlueHDi 75 engine with Stop & Start technology further improving fuel economy to a combined 94.2mpg.

What is the MPG Marathon?

The MPG marathon is an annual event where manufacturers can showcase their latest models and how they can achieve the best fuel economy, but they don’t just drive around a track, the cars are exposed in real-life driving situations. This year’s marathon took place across the Oxfordshire/Wiltshire and Hampshire countryside covering a total of 380 miles.

The teams are given checkpoints that they have to reach before pre-determined times, therefore eliminating crawling around at unrealistic speeds. It demonstrates that perfect harmony between man and machine can be achieved on our roads, preserving fuel and helping the environment.

Neil Moscrop, Brand Director at Peugeot UK, explained: “This is a fantastic result which clearly highlights just how efficient the latest Peugeot range of new cars can be in real-world traffic conditions. Customers seeking reassurance that they are buying a new car with leading environmental credentials need to look no further than Peugeot for the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market.”

Visit Richard Hardie Sunderland, Durham and Ashington dealerships to take a look at our current range of Peugeot 208’s.

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