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Our Top Car Accessories

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Today’s car market is full of interesting, quirky accessories.....

Today’s car market is full of interesting, quirky accessories perfect for those who love their cars and want to standout from the crowd. Fiat is especially famous for their ability to design cars with features that allow their owners to personalise their car to suit both their individual driving preferences and personality.

Here are some of the most impressive car accessories we’ve come across:

Coffee Machine
For those with busy schedules in need of a caffeine fix on the go, the Fiat 500L holds a special compartment that is an ideal fit for the specially designed Lavazza coffee machine. Positioned next to the gearstick, the built-in coffee kit is self-heating and even comes with a sugar container, pod dispenser and a spoon!

Car Lashes
We have all seen the occasional car drive by with a pair of lashes on. Whether they make you tut or if you fancy getting your car a pair, they’ve become more and more popular over the few years and are even available in a choice of colours to add a feminine touch to your car.

Car Moustache
The stick on moustache was no doubt inspired by Movember, although some might argue whether it will give your car a more masculine look. (Although we do think this Fiat pulls off the bumper moustache rather well!)

Swarovski Crystal Badge
For those who like a bit of bling, you’ll be pleased to know that you can now kit your car out with Swarovski crystals. The crystals can be placed on the bumper, grilled and car badge for a unique, glamorous effect.

Crystal Flower Key Cover
If you’d prefer a more subtle sparkle you could always opt for the Swarovski crystal flower key cover. The silver cover features flower designs created with the crystals and is suitable for the Fiat 500 as well as the Fiat Punto Evo. If bling isn’t really your thing, there is a selection of other specially designed key covers that may be more to your taste.

To find out more about the range of Fiat models and available extras at Richard Hardie get in touch with your local dealership.

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