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Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

Is Your Car Ready For Summer?

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Our cars take a bit of a beating over the cooler months. Follow our tips to ensure your car is ready for long summer drives!

Simple maintenance after the colder winter period has passed can help prevent costly repairs and unexpected problems. This is generally overlooked, but especially important in order to preserve peace-of-mind during the eagerly anticipated summer months. 


Check your Tyres

As we are all aware (or should be!), tyre maintenance is absolutely paramount to ensure grip and safety on the road. If you have winter tyres, be sure to take those off and replace your normal tyres. Winter tyres have better grip at lower temperatures, but will wear faster during the warmer weather.

If you use regular tyres all year round, you’ll definitely need to give them a ‘once over’. Remember to check your tyres are inflated properly, under/over-inflated tyres run the risk of blowouts, uneven wear and increased stopping distances, all of which have a cost implication in some way or another.

You’ll also want to double check your wheel weights are all still present and correct, and the overall tread of your tyres. Uneven wear can lead to issues later on, such as the need for replacement tyres much sooner than expected, and reduced braking performance.

Our FIAT and Peugeot Service technicians complete a full tyre check with a summer health check.


Maintain your Brakes

We can all appreciate the importance of having working brakes. Over the winter months our brakes get used an awful lot more, as statistically winter traffic is much slower than summer traffic. Heavy changes in temperature encourage a faster deterioration, such as the heat generated under braking, meeting the freezing temperature of icy puddles. Check your brake discs and pads for signs of uneven wear, ideally remove the wheel to inspect properly. If you have any concerns about your brakes, or are unsure of what to look for, contact your nearest Richard Hardie branch to arrange a summer health check.

Remember, our service centres are located across the North with our specialist FIAT service centre based in Silverlink, offering a high level of quality to manufacturer standard.


Get it Cleaned

It may sound strange, but cleaning your car properly after winter is a great way of maintaining the life of your vehicle. Our cars take a bombardment of salt, grit, sand and water; it gets absolutely everywhere. Do your car a favour, and give it a good clean, clean the underside, wheel arches and even the engine bay. Cleaning will help remove the terribly corrosive salt that will have lodged itself in crevices around your car. Giving your engine bay a once over will also help you in the long run, as it will make finding leaks and problems much easier later when it’s clean!


Check your Oil

We forget about the simple things, but it’s never been more important to check your oil levels, than after winter has passed. Oil is the lifeblood of our cars, it keeps everything running smoothly, if your levels are low it puts your car under a lot of stress, and you will know about it, but only when the damage has been done. Do yourself a favour, and get the rag and dipstick out!

If you’re unsure, our FIAT, Abarth & Peugeot service mechanics offer an oil & filter change service. Richard Hardie proudly have a range of locations across the North East to help you, speak to our FIAT service Tyne & Wear team or pop in to our Peugeot service centre in Sunderland.


Watch Coolant Levels

A clue is in the name, coolant. It helps your car stay cool, and as we approach summer, you’ll want to make sure this part is working at its peak! Simply look at the level whilst the car is cold and not running, and check the volume is correct, top-up as required.


Replace your Wiper Blades

Freezing temperatures are prone to leaving wiper blades cracked and damaged. This is made worse by use of wipers when they are frozen, as it leaves the rubber in a very brittle state. It is recommended that you replace your blades after winter, especially if you can see streaks on your windscreen during use. Remember, wiper blades are useful for removing the remains of flies and bugs from longer journeys, not just clearing the rain!


Give your Air Conditioning a Service

It’s common for air conditioning systems to build up bacteria within the system and filter, especially during months of lower use. Most drivers that have air conditioning will want it working for the summer season, and working well! Unless you’re trained, you’ll need to get this checked by a professional. Richard Hardie offer a range of air conditioning maintenance options, from a full system clean to complete service.


Book your Summer Health Check Today

If you are unsure about any of the elements mentioned, consider our Summer Health Check at Richard Hardie. We offer a thorough Summer Health Check for only £19.99. Find your nearest Richard Hardie location online, or consider booking with your next FIAT service or Peugeot service.

If you follow the steps we have suggested you should be on the way to a trouble-free summer! It takes a small amount of effort to check, but it’s much less than will be required if something were to get in the way of your summer-time activities.


Long Term Maintenance

One-off fixes are great, but only when combined with a regular and effective servicing schedule. Richard Hardie recommend servicing your vehicle in-line with your manufacturer’s recommended service intervals. Richard Hardie are fully authorised Abarth, FIAT & Peugeot service centres, and are trained to manufacturer standards.


Abarth Servicing

Richard Hardie’s dedicated Abarth service centre in Silverlink, use only genuine Abarth parts and are fully trained to Abarth standards. Consider arranging your next service or MOT at our Abarth service centre  based in Silverlink, Newcastle upon Tyne.

Why not spread the cost of your servicing and avoid any unexpected bills! Consider a service plan with Richard Hardie from only £12.95 per month, inclusive of courtesy car or collection from home or place of work. Click here to learn more about Abarth service plans.


FIAT Servicing

Richard Hardie have dedicated FIAT service centres in Silverlink and in Ashington. Our FIAT approved technicians are experts in the various servicing requirements for each of the FIAT models. Rest assured, our FIAT service centres use only genuine FIAT parts and the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. Click here to arrange your next FIAT service or MOT.

Consider a service plan with Richard Hardie from only £12.95 per month and spread the cost of your annual servicing. Click here to learn more about FIAT service plans.


Peugeot Servicing

Richard Hardie proudly have dedicated Peugeot service centres across the North East. Our centres in Sunderland, Durham & Ashington only use genuine Peugeot parts and are fully trained to Peugeot requirements. To arrange your next Peugeot service or MOT with Richard Hardie click here.

Have you considered spreading the cost of your servicing? Setup a service plan with Richard Hardie from only £12.95 per month, which includes choice of collection or a courtesy car. Click here to learn more about Peugeot service plans.


If you have any concerns about your vehicle, or you would like Richard Hardie’s expert servicing team to take a look at anything, get in touch using our online contact form. Alternatively find your nearest Richard Hardie dealership in the North East here.   

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