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How To Have A Long Stress Free Drive With The Family

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Read our top helpful tips to prepare for that long summer journey to your destination...

We all hate long treacherous 6 hour journeys as they often come with silly family arguments, stressful drivers, traffic jams and unscheduled toilet stops! If you have a long family drive planned this summer then fear not, as there are many things that you can do to help keep the whole family happy and the journey stress free.

Unsure what to do? Here are some helpful tips that will help the journey go smooth and quick;

Layout the rules

Before take-off, make sure everyone knows roughly how long the journey will take. This way, you won’t be hearing ‘are we nearly there yet’ on repeat like a stuck record. Make sure everyone goes to the toilet beforehand and structure out a plan of when toilet stops will be made.

Create a family playlist

To avoid any arguments over what music is being played in the car, get a family playlist together ready for the long drive. Fill it with loads of different requests from each family member so there are no complaints or silly arguments.

Keep the kids entertained

If you have young kids in the car who are guaranteed to get bored quickly, you can always play a traditional family car game such as ‘eye spy’ to help keep the spirits high. If that doesn’t work, take some colouring books, crayons, playing cards or an iPad/tablet with some pre downloaded films on- this will keep them quite for a while!

Get prepared with snacks

We all start to get extremely grouchy when we get hungry, so to keep everyone happy be sure to be extremely prepared with lots of snacks and treats at the ready. If it’s either breakfast, lunchtime or dinner time make a scheduled stop so everyone a chance to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

Top Tip: Avoid providing too much drink- the last thing you want to do is make an untimely toilet stop!

Route the journey

Stay a head of the game and have the journey mapped out beforehand so you can minimise the chances of making the wrong turn or getting lost. Use a Sat Nav system that can help you avoid bad traffic and make you aware of speed cameras. Don’t forget, if all else fails you can always rely on a trusty map for road directions.

We hope these tips help, and we wish you good luck on your long journey! For more advice and the latest news about Fiat, Peugeot and Abarth take a look at our Richard Hardie news page.

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