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How to get top dollar for your part exchange…

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How to get top dollar for your part exchange……What you need to know from the inside. We do want to give you as much money as possible for your car, we honestly do! And Here is why........................ 4 things you need to know to protect your wallet

1. Help Us Reward You

The cleaner your car is the less time it takes for us to get it back up for sale, hugely important to us. The cleaner your car is the less we have to spend putting it right, we would rather pay you the extra money to make the deal happen. In a competitive pricing era we need to be paying good money for part exchanges to make the deals happen. A £250 valuation swing could be the difference in you purchasing the new car or not, we want your business. You're not daft, you can go online and find out how much your car is worth, however, there is only so much a dealer can pay, the internet has squeezed the pricing disparity to benefit the customer but this has also reduced the ability to grossly over pay for stock.

2. Get Your Car Ready To Sell
Consider the possibility that you're going to sell the car within 7 to 10 days of starting your buying journey so get your car ready to sell. If you listed your car on ebay would you present it in the way you present it to a dealer for a valuation? Based on what we see regularly I would hope not. How much do you think you are losing financially by not giving your Dyson hoover one last go at your car? (remember you're going to sell it within the next 10 days)

3. Touch Up The Marks. Pens cost as little as £10, this could save you hundreds of pounds.

4. Ask for Help, we like to give it contrary to what you may have experienced elsewhere. it's almost impossible not to catch an alloy these days, the pain that I feel when I do mine is unbearable............. protect them with insurance, you will reap the rewards when you part exchange the car. Too late for the insurance? Ask and we can do them for cost price, we pay cost to repair these so you will to, we like to help.

"Prepare your car for sale before you get it valued, it could be the difference between you affording the new car you desire or not"

Ryan K Luke

Top Tips For Winter Driving

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Car Finance Options Explained…

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Finding the right car that’s suitable for you is an exciting experience but deciding how to pay for your new car can be a challenge as there are various options to choose from, some of which not everyone fully understands. Below we will explain the most popular forms of payment options, to help you decide which one is right for you.

MOT Changes 2018

MOT Changes 2018

Posted on: 19th May 2018

As of 20th May 2018, the MOT test has undergone some of the most significant changes of its near 60-year history. Some of the changes include new defect categories, stricter rules for Diesel car emissions and some cars over 40-year-old will be exempt from the MOT test. The main changes which you need to know about are explained below.