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Drivers Urged to Slow Down After New Speeding Fines are Introduced

Drivers Urged to Slow Down After New Speeding Fines are Introduced

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We take a look at the new speeding fines and what it could mean if you get caught.

New speeding fines that have recently come into force could see some offenders receiving a 50% higher fine than before. More than 100,000 speeding tickets are issued a year, and it is hope that the new crackdown which was put into place on 24th April 2017, will reduce the number of high-speed accidents happening on the roads.

What Are The New Fines?

To put it simply; if you’re driving between 31mph and 40mph in a 30mph zone, you’ll be given a fine that represents up to 50% of your weekly income. Get caught driving between 41-50mph in a 40mph zone and you’ll be fined up to 100% of your weekly income, any faster and you’ll be handed a fine that will account for up to 150% of your weekly income and six points on your licence… ouch!

There are a number of factors that could reduce or increase the penalty if you’re caught speeding. If the weather is particularly bad and road conditions aren’t great you could end up with a heftier fine then if you were caught speeding on a day when the road conditions were good. Your fine could also be higher if you’re speeding in an area with a lot of other traffic or pedestrians or if you’re carrying passengers.

What the DVLA Recommends

So how can you avoid these fines? Well by sticking to the speed limit of course! Take note of road signs around you and watch your speed. If you’re driving in a built up area with street lights the speed limit is usually 30mph, unless otherwise stated. Don’t take risks; it’s better to drive a couple of miles an hour under the speed limit rather than over it. We would also recommend that your sat nav system is kept up to date as an out of date system could display the wrong speed limit for that road. If you want to find out more about the new speeding fines, contact us today!

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