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Could the Fiat 500X be set for an Abarth makeover?

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After a while of speculating, Abarth’s next focus could be on a high performing Abarth 500X

For a while Abarth has been evaluating which Fiat model will be next in line for a sporty revamp and after the success of the Abarth 500 range, it’s been a difficult decision for the car brand to make. After a while of speculating, Abarth’s next focus could be on a high performing Abarth 500X crossover which will join the 124 Spider in a new range of sports cars.

If the Abarth 500X gets the go ahead, it will help the rapidly growing car brand expand into the crossover market which is a completely different kettle of fish for Abarth. The model would take a slice in the crossover sector, it would also make strong mark in the performance crossover market, which to date is underdeveloped with competitors only being the MINI Country Man JCW and the Nissan Juke Nismo RS.

Various images have been released, and they give us an interesting glimpse of what we could be expecting from the future Abarth 500X. In the images, the 500X model is sporting a lowered stance, deeper side skirts, larger wheels and bulkier bumpers all contributing to the models mean and striking style.

To finish off the new style, the image shows the car with a larger rear spoiler, double tailpipes and an under-bumper diffuser. Inside we could expect even more fancy gauges and dials, low seated front seats and a wealth of ‘Scorpion’ badges both inside and out!

From the Abarth 500X, we could potentially expect the same engine as the 1.75- litre turbo Alfa Romeo 4C which is also in the books for an Abarth makeover. Unlike the two-seat, the 500X engine will be detuned to roughly around 200bhp.

Until production of the future model is confirmed, Abarth fanatics will have to sit patiently and wait for more details. Enthusiasts will not have to wait long however, and they can expect to get a fresh taste of what Abarth will be bringing the table next year with more performance driven Abarth models promised.

Altavilla who is the brains behind the Abarth 695 has said “Any new version of an Abarth car should deliver some sort of a performance enhancement, otherwise it is useless,” he added. “We have to be consistent with that DNA of our cars, so the new 500 will be one step forward in that direction.”

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