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All-New Fiat Tipo Revealed at Geneva Motor Show 2016

All-New Fiat Tipo Revealed at Geneva Motor Show 2016

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The new Tipo will be available in the UK later this year in both hatchback and estate versions!

Fiat, in recent times have become more focused on their ‘500’ based models, focusing on the stylish Fiat 500, the 500C, the 500X and the 500L/MPW models. Fiat are now looking to compete with their competitors in the modern hatchback and estate markets, with the elegant new Fiat Tipo. The styling has been re-worked and strikes a modern fresh look to compliment their existing line-up!

Key Features of the all-new Fiat Tipo

The all-new Fiat Tipo features a host of features to be the envy of any utilitarian feature-seeker! The Tipo boasts great versatility, with a 420-litre boot in the hatchback and a 520-litre boot in the estate. To bolster the Tipo’s versatility, Fiat have also boasted “class-leading legroom”, with enough room in the back to comfortably fit three 6ft tall people.

The Fiat Tipo has been dubbed “best-in-class” for storage, featuring three different trim levels. It’s been reported that all entry-level Tipo vehicles come with air-conditioning, DAB radio, bluetooth and electric mirrors, however UK specifications haven’t been fully confirmed.

Engine Options

The Fiat Tipo will be available with a 1.4 litre petrol engine with a 6-speed gearbox, and a turbo (119bhp) or without a turbo (94bhp). A 1.6 litre petrol will be available as an automatic. To compliment the petrol line-up, two diesels will be offered, a 5-speed 1.3 litre (94bhp) and a 6-speed 1.6 litre (118bhp). The Estate and Hatchback versions will be made available in the UK but not the Saloon at this stage. There is no news on pricing as of yet, but Fiat have stated the new Tipo will be competitively priced, cheaper than most of the rivals!

Get in touch with us to learn more about the Fiat Tipo 2016 and to register your interest in the new model.

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