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Abarth Biposto Is Preposterous Good Fun

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The Abarth Biposto is the quickest Abarth to date and it has been described as the world's smallest supercar...

In the last few weeks, we’ve taken a look at the Abarth Competizione, which is all jolly good fun. In doing so, we’ve briefly mentioned the Abarth Biposto. But it seems a shame not to give this amazing car a review of its own. So here we go.

The Abarth Biposto is simply preposterous good fun. In fact, it’s a bit mental and has been described as the world’s smallest supercar.

Strap yourself in (please do this) to the racing seats and get ready to rumble. Put pedal to metal and the twin exhausts will growl like a pair of Dobermans as the turbo kicks in.

We’re assuming, by the way, that you’re on a track, not on the school run. The dog ring gearbox is super slick and the traction control allows you to battle the G-forces as you take that first corner.

Back on the straight, you can floor it again, while loving the thrill of acceleration that presses you hard back in your four-point harness. You got to 62mph in under six seconds and now you’re on your way to a blurry 143 mph. Yes, this is a city car, albeit one that’s fitted with a Formula 4 race engine.

The Biposto is fast, but this is no one-trick pony. You can take twists and turns like you just ironed them out. It’s nimble, at just 997kg, with a roll cage instead of the back seats, if that’s how you want to play it.

You’ll love the gearbox. You can even see its innards. If you fancy yourself as a real race driver, you can change gear without bothering the clutch. Use it, though, and gear changes are frighteningly fast.
If you want the race set-up for the gearbox, you’ll need to pay an extra £8,500. For mere mortals, though, the normal box will probably work just fine.

But most of your Biposto usage will be on the road. So how does it fare? The suspension has just enough give to make it a comfy ride and it takes bumps in its stride. With the 18-inch rims and 250Nm of torque, you can attack rural corners with gusto.

How much will all this blood-curdling joy cost you? The Abarth Biposto starts at £32,955. If you want to go overboard with all the kit, be prepared to spend around £50k. That kit can include polycarbonate windows, racing dash, carbon styling kit and even a helmet.

Like the sound of the Abarth Biposto? Book a test drive with the supercar at our Silverlink dealership today!

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