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A Look Into The Future Of Driving Safety And Technology

A Look Into The Future Of Driving Safety And Technology

Posted on:

Take a look at the latest technology to reduce phone use behind the wheel.

Phone use behind the wheel still remains high, despite the fact the penalty for doing so doubled earlier this year. Anyone caught using their phone while in control of a motor vehicle now faces six points on their licence and an on-the-spot £200 fine. For some motorists this isn’t enough of a deterrent and phone use continues to happen on a daily basis. Some motorists believe that they won’t get caught, while others don’t see the issue in using a phone while driving. However, phone use behind the wheel could become a thing of the past, especially for iPhone users.

Latest Statistics On Phone Use

A recent survey revealed that an alarming number of drivers wouldn’t think twice about using their phone behind the wheel, even after being reminded of the dangers of doing so. 40% of those surveyed claimed even the ‘’thought of causing an accident wouldn’t be enough to make them put their mobiles away for good’’. So what can be done about this major problem? Read on to find out about new phone technology which could hold the answer!

Apple Car Technology

Apple has recently been working on a new iPhone setting that will prevent drivers from using their phone when on the road. When this setting is switched on your phone can detect you’re on the move. It stops all notifications and calls coming in, and will automatically send a text message to those trying to get in touch by saying the phone owner is driving and is unavailable to take the call. The setting also allows for urgent and emergency calls to be made if needed.

What Else Can You Do?

If you aren’t able to download the new feature when it comes out then there are still a few things you can do to stop phone use behind the wheel! The most obvious is to put your phone away, if it’s out of sight you’re going to be less likely to reach for it. If you make any calls while you’re driving, typically business calls then we’d recommend a hands free kit.

Many new cars come with infotainment screens with built in Apple CarPlay or Android Auto so you can use your phone more safely. Get in touch with your nearest Richard Hardie Centre today to find out which new car models have this feature available!

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