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A Guide to Servicing Your Car

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Taking a day off to hand your car in to a service centre may be an inconvenience, but.....

Taking a day off to hand your car in to a service centre may be an inconvenience, but a car service comes with many benefits and it can save you money in the long-term.

A certified service centre will have factory trained technicians to inspect the vital working parts of the car to check for any issues. The average cost of a service is around £125, and there is usually two levels to choose from; an interim or full car service. The interim option will briefly cover the areas of the car where issues generally occur; the full service option is an in-depth inspection covering more components.

What are the main inspections carried out during a service?

  • Oil is like the blood of your car, it’s what makes all the moving parts of an engine run smoothly therefore it is drained and refilled. The oil filter is replaced and checked for oil leaks.
  • Electrical systems around the car will be checked, including a battery test and inspection of all the lights on the exterior and interior including the symbols on the dashboard.
  • The operation of the clutch and gearbox are checked, if applicable the clutch fluid will be replaced.
  • The parts that have the most effect on the handling of the car are the power steering and suspension. The power steering fluid is topped-up as well as checked for wear and corrosion and the shock absorbers are given a bounce test.
  • The exhaust is tested for leaks, excessive noise and security. There is also a visual check to see if there is any smoke emitted.
  • Important safety inspections are carried out on the brakes, tyres and wheels. The brakes are checked for wear, damage, fluid leakages and corrosion. While the tyre pressure, wear and tread depth are inspected.
  • Windscreen wipers are checked for their condition and operation and the washer fluid is topped-up.

If you ignore any issues with your car, it could lead to expensive costs in the future and it could even potentially endanger your life and others around you, which is why it is highly recommended that you get your car serviced at least once a year. This will help keep on top of maintenance, and it might prevent an issue occurring in the future!

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