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Nearly New Cars

Our superb selection of nearly new cars here at Richard Hardie is filled with vehicles that have only recently come off the production line and yet are offered at prices you will find hard to believe.

Opting for a nearly new car is a brilliant solution if you would struggle to pay for a brand-new set of wheels but are not attracted to vehicles with thousands of miles already on the clock.

Check out all of our nearly new cars for sale below and you will find an excellent collection of stylish yet practical vehicles with price tags that are hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds below the cost of their new-car alternative.

Our range includes nearly new Fiat and nearly new MG cars, meaning that you have a diverse choice of vehicles to select from.

Find the nearly new car perfect for you online without delay. Have a query about our services? Don’t hesitate to contact your nearest Richard Hardie dealership—we have friendly teams in Ashington,Silverlink and Sunderland waiting to answer any question you may have.