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Jeep Glossary

Jeep Glossary

Car manufacturers will often use specific or unique terms, phrases, or taglines to describe a certain aspect of their solution. While some are indeed unique products or services, there’s often lots of overlap, and this can cause some degree of confusion when you’re shopping for your next vehicle. Here at Richard Hardie, we believe car shopping should be a fun and exciting experience, and as such, we aim to make it as simplistic as possible. Below, you’ll find an expanding range of terms specifically used by Jeep and their definitions; a handy guide that you can come back to whenever a new Jeep 4x4 SUV is in your sights!


A four-wheel drive or 4X4 vehicle has the ability to tackle tough terrains. A 4X4 has much better traction control than other vehicles and performs well off-road.

Active Drive

One of Jeep’s intelligent 4x4 systems, Active Drive is available in a range of systems including I, II and Drive Lock.

Active Drive I – Available on the Jeep Cherokee the Active Drive I 4x4 System boasts rear axle disconnect. This feature helps save fuel by only engaging all-wheel-drive when absolutely necessary.

Active Drive II - Combining all the benefits of Active Drive I the Active Drive II system adds a low range for added capability. It’s great for low-speed traction and has a mode for flat towing a caravan or trailer. This means that front wheel spin is prevented on slippery/loose road surfaces during acceleration at speeds up to 40kph/25mph.

Active Drive Lock – Available in the Cherokee Trailhawk this system combines the Active Drive I & II systems but also includes a mechanical rear axle lock so you can take it off-road.


This Jeep 4x4 system is perfect in off-road or slick conditions, and delivers increased pulling force through its 2.72:1 low ratio shift system. Such grip and control means the journey is always fun, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, or where you dare to venture!


CRD stands for Common Rail Diesel. In simple terms it means that there is a direct fuel injection system within the diesel engine. This allows the fuel to be delivered to the engine under pressure and with electronically controlled precision. CRD means a car can achieve strict emissions controls but also deliver power and class leading levels of fuel consumption.


The E-TorQ is a series of engines belonging to the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles family. The E-TorQ engines were based on the now discontinued Tritec engines but have been further developed to create the engine built today. The E-TorQ engine is distinguished by the cylinder head fittings sitting separately from the cylinder jackets; the fuel used in E-TorQ engines is petrol.

Freedom Drive

The Freedom Drive 4x4 System provides an ultimate solution for safe driving, reducing the risk of aquaplaning (a sufficient amount of water between the road surface and tyres; prevent contact between the two) and other potential risks that can occur during adverse weather conditions. The System is built to respond in real-time to wheel slippage and traction requirements, shifting power on-the-fly, and keeping you stuck to the road always. While this may sound like there’s a lot going on, the cabin remains comfortable, safe and smooth while the system works for you. Available in Freedom Drive I and II systems.


HEMI is a series of engines, utilising a hemispherical combustion chamber that provides improved heat retention for exceptional power and torque. One such example from the range is a 6.4L V8 HEMI engine, paired to an eight speed auto-transmission, with Eco Mode and Fuel Saver Technology that delivers efficiency as well as unbounded power.

Launch Control

Jeep’s very special launch button, found in its high performance models, allows the driver, at the touch of button, to achieve maximum vehicle acceleration with precision traction control for minimum tyre slip. It’s an opportunity for drivers to test the full capability of Jeep’s power-hungry engines, and comes with a recommendation that it should be used only in race events or in closed circuit environments.

MultiJet Engine (MJet)

A MultiJet engine differs from other engines, rather than just having a single-injection system to deliver fuel to the engine a MultiJet engine uses spring-loaded valves that open and close at multiple places. They valves deliver a pre-determined amount of fuel at certain pressures, into the engine. It should be noted that a MultiJet engine runs on Diesel fuel.


An Electronic Limited Slip Differential is the golden gun in the Quadra-Drive’s range, delivering traction whatever the weather and whatever ground is beneath its boots. A Selec-Terrain Traction Control System allows drivers to quickly, satisfyingly switch between Snow, Mud, or Rock profiles, for on the fly traction management. Its Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System is designed to increase the height of the vehicle off-road and lower it for normal driving.


Forget settings and switches and tweaks and changes, the Quadra-Trac is an always-active, always engaged, all-weather solution to traction, with Brake Lock Differential keeping control at your fingertips at all times. A truly unique and futuristic, intelligent 4x4 system available in I, II and SRT 4x4 Systems.


Another 4x4 system, revered in the off-road world due to its Tru Lok electronic locking differentials, electronic front sway bar disconnect and 4:1 low gear ratio. Together these components make up a system that truly allows you to conquer any terrain you set your sights on.

SRT (Street & Racing Technology)

The performance focused automotive group that work with Jeep to produce high end ‘SRT’ editions of current vehicles, including the Jeep Grand Cherokee. They often include top-level, luxury and sporty trim additions, and the latest, most powerful engine technology.


SUV is an abbreviation for Sports Utility Vehicle and is used to describe a vehicle that is capable of lots of situations such as going off-road. SUVs have a large engine and have the power of a 4WD.


Uconnect® dashboard systems, as featured in Jeep vehicles, are all-in-one solutions for keeping you connected, entertained and safe while out on the road. Its suite of features ensures whether you’re listening to music, calling, navigating to your destination or controlling the features of your Jeep, you have access to everything you need quickly and easily. With voice commands and the latest technology in every system, the Uconnect® logo stands for the best dashboard experience around.


A V6 engine contains six cylinders, this means it is more powerful than other engines that have less cylinders. Cars with V6 engines such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee are becoming popular. Fuel-economy in V6 engines is constantly improving and it is a great choice for those looking for decent fuel-economy without sacrificing performance.

If you have any questions about any Jeep terms, or specific aspects of the vehicle range, our team here at Richard Hardie are Jeep experts, and are able to answer any query you may have. Simply give us a call today at our Newcastle or Sunderland Centre; we’re always happy to help. Check back for updates to our Jeep Glossary as new terms, products and packages are launched!

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