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Fiat Glossary

Fiat Glossary

Welcome to the Richard Hardie Fiat Glossary. On this page you’ll find a list of terms and phrases, and their definitions, as used specifically by Fiat. We know just how time-consuming it can be, working out what each slight variation of a specific word means, often differing even from manufacturer to manufacturer. So if you’re feeling a little baffled, or just want to brush up on your Fiat terminology – this is the place to be.


A handsfree system that increases safety and gives you a wide range of entertainment options from the steering wheel, Blue&Me harnesses Bluetooth technology for a connected in-car experience. With features such as calls through the sound system in your car, contact list display integration, spoken SMS messages and voice activated calling and phone navigation, you can stay in touch while on the move. Similarly, Blue&Me allows you to access and play your favourite music easily and safely and is available in many new Fiat Cars.

City Brake Control

Available on a number of Fiat models, the City Brake Control Optional Extra intelligently detects collision risks up to a speed of 19mph, and upon doing so, applies a safe, automated emergency stop, preventing those annoying and expensive bumps and accidents.


Eco:Drive is a Uconnect® application that monitors your driving style and behaviour and gives you data to help you drive better, cleaner and more economically. Tracking parameters such as acceleration, deceleration, gear changes, and speed, and awarding points based on the performance of each, during each trip you make, can make you a better driver and save you money. You can even send the data to your smartphone for out-of-the-car analysis!

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles also known as FCA, is a multi-national Italian controlled corporation and one of the world largest auto makers. The FCA portfolio includes Fiat, Abarth, Alfa Romeo and Jeep.


A tyre repair kit included with many Fiat models, the Fix&Go allows for quick and easy patching up of a tyre, to get you to your local garage. Its sealing fluid ensures a sturdy, short-term repair to the tyre without loss of pressure, saving you from being stranded for long.


i-Deal PCP is Fiat’s own Personal Contract Purchase, a form of finance option that offers maximum flexibility for the buyer. A deposit is taken at the start of your purchase, and a figure is determined to be left until the end of the selected term. From there, a repayment term is chosen, between 20 and 48 months, and a monthly repayment cost is calculated. At the end of your agreement you may choose to Part-Exchange, return your Fiat, or pay the final sum and keep the car.

Keyless GO

As the name suggests, Keyless GO is a comprehensive, secure keyless car entry, locking and ignition solution utilised in many Fiat cars. Keyless entry means as long as the key is within a certain radius the car will unlock and the start engine buttons will become active – making for increased accessibility and convenience when you’re on the move, whatever you’re up to!


The ‘complete ownership experience’, MOPAR provides a range of unbeatable quality products and services for a select range of cars. From Parts and Accessories made to fit your Fiat vehicle, to Accident Support, Vehicle Protection, Insurance Services and Customer Care, Mopar offer a truly prestigious solution for Fiat owners. Look out for the MOPAR® logo or text on any Fiat car, product or service.


MultiAir is an engine range available in Fiat cars that employs a Valve-lift system, resulting in increased power and better fuel economy. By optimising electronic controls within the engine to be meticulously accurate for solenoid valve opening and closing times, Fiat have built on an impressive system to reduce emissions, and help save on those fuel costs. Fiat have also stated that MultiAir engines can boost the horsepower by 10%!

MultiJet (MJet)

MultiJet is a direct injection turbodiesel engine found in Fiat and other FCA brand cars (Alfa Romeo and Jeep). The MJet engine is well-known for its quality and performance as its capable of up to five injections per combustion cycle which allows for improved, more efficient cold running, as well as overall quieter operation and lower consumptions and emissions.


A fully equipped portal for Fiat owners, MyFiat gives users a wide range of benefits and convenience options, all accessible from a single dashboard. With options for scheduling, tracking and booking services, to having a handy service history and owner’s manual right at your fingertips, to access to a catalogue of the very best Mopar Parts and Accessories – if you own a Fiat, you’d be missing out without MyFiat.


The Fiat TwinAir, available on a range of Fiat models, utilises the MultiAir valve-timing technology to create an in-line two engine. It sits in the Small Gasoline Engine family of Fiat Powertrain Technologies and has been admired since its introduction in 2010 for its compact size and weight, together with reduced fuel consumption and minimal CO2 emissions.


Uconnect® is a fully integrated dashboard infotainment solution, combining crystal clear touchscreen displays, ergonomic steering wheel controls, precision voice activation and much more, to ensure you’ve got everything you need while you’re behind the wheel. With App compatibility and Parking Assist System controls, as well as an Always On smartphone integration with ‘Live’, you can rest assured, when you see ‘UConnect®’, your cabin experience will be second to none.

For more on Fiat specific terms and practices, or if you’ve seen something you’re not sure of, simply give our friendly team here at Richard Hardie a call at our AshingtonSilverlink or Sunderland Centre. Our friendly Fiat specialists know everything there is to know, and are more than happy to help with any queries or questions.

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