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Abarth Glossary

Abarth Glossary

Welcome to the Richard Hardie Abarth Glossary. On this page you’ll find definitions, terms and phrases as used frequently by Abarth about their products. Whether you’re selecting an Abarth based on a specific exhaust type, exploring the range’s in-car systems, or are looking to join the Abarth community and get involved in the discussion, we’ve simplified the terms used: if you’re still a little unsure contact our Abarth Centres based in Sunderland and Silverlink and speak to one of our Abarth Specialists.


An Abarth Braking System that offers the matchless high performance braking you need to win. Larger calipers, together with floating discs work to evaporate heat quickly, managing that temperature in a way that delivers that extra braking performance you need for the smoothest, fastest corners. Spot the word Brembo on your Abarth, and you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ll be on the best brakes in the business.

Dog Ring Gearbox

Featured in the Abarth 695 Biposto, the Dog Ring Gearbox is notable as the only gearbox of its kind that is road legal. Typically gearboxes in modern cars utilise synchromesh gears, which are easier and quieter but critically, less quick. Dog ring gearboxes require double de-clutching, or changing gear at the correct speed, which, when performed correctly, will deliver more speed, and as such they are a staple of racing cars all over the world. For that truly raw racing feel, the Abarth 695 Biposto at our Sunderland Centre features the dog ring gearbox.

Garrett Turbo

See the word Garrett Turbo appended to an Abarth model you’re interested in and you can guarantee power and performance. A legendary name in the turbocharging business, Garrett Turbos come in a wide range of options, and typically are the preferred choice of race teams across the world, including the infamous Le Mans 24H and Pikes Peak. When it comes to boosting technology, and delivering that unmistakable Abarth power underfoot, a Garrett Turbo is a must.


The Abarth i-Deal is the manufacturer’s own brand of PCP. If you see an option for the Abarth you’re after on ‘i-Deal’, you’ll have a flexible list of options. Choosing your deposit amount and monthly payments, calculating a GMFV (Guaranteed Minimum Future Value) and an Optional Final Payment, means whatever your budget, there’s a solution to suit that ensures you get the Abarth you really want.


A suspension kit that has it all, the Abarth Koni kit delivers an uncompromising ride and increased stability for safer, more comfortable journeys. Employing Abarth Koni front and rear shock absorbers with a Frequency Selective Damping valve ensures the hardest vibrations felt through the nuances of the road need never reach the driver, offering only the comfortable connection you need to drive safely and comfortably.


MyAbarth is the owners area, run by MOPAR (the reference brand) for Services, Customer Care, Genuine Parts and Accessories for the brands of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Sign up, log in and you’re given access to a range of exclusive features that will make owning your Abarth more accessible and exciting. From tracking your services and booking them in, to checking out the latest offers and browsing the parts and accessories catalogue, as an Abarth owner, MyAbarth is an essential extra.

Record Monza

Dual Mode Technology, four tailpipes, an incredible, unique sound. All of this comes from the incomparable Record Monza exhaust system, one of a number of Abarth specials, that delivers a truly powerful and aggressive sound to accompany the fierce array of power kept under the bonnet. A tribute to Carlo Abarth’s speed record breaking run around Monza itself, the exhaust is truly one of a kind. Alongside this model the Record Modena is available, taking advantage of high performance muffles and a dual-mode System to play you the song of its people with every rev.

The Scorpionship

The ultimate Abarth club, The Scorpionship is the official Abarth community, regularly arranging global events, sharing the very latest news and offering its members exclusive previews. If you own an Abarth and are interested in the passionate, enthusiast world of performance, The Scorpionship is the place to be. Register online today.

Torque Transfer Control (TTC)

An impressively clever traction control system, Torque Transfer Control utilises a unique method to give drivers more control over their cornering. Unlike many other stability systems that cut engine power, TTC actually applies braking to the spinning wheel, which allows the driver to retain speed once the corner is complete. This allows for faster, more controlled corners and faster overall lap times round the track.

Turbo T-Jet

The Turbo T-Jet in various sizes and shapes is the engine you’re likely to find whirring underneath an Abarth bonnet. Turbocharged for all-out performance and flexible enough to be the under-pinning across the range, if you’re shopping for an Abarth, Turbo T-Jet will likely become a familiar phrase, and synonymous with power.


A staple of the FCA automotive group’s dashboard technology; just because you have incomparable power and performance, doesn’t mean you can’t have top-level dashboard entertainment and connectivity at your fingertips. Uconnect® systems control everything on your dashboard – from precision navigation, audio, phone calls and other connectivity; the Uconnect® brand stands for quality technology all in an involved and modern dashboard solution.

For more information on any of the Abarth products, kit upgrades, or services, why not give the expert team at Richard Hardie a call. Our specialist Advisors, Technicians and Engineers are on hand to answer any and all of your queries today. Look out for updates as we add more definitions to the glossary, and let us know if you think there’s anything not here that should be.

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